CERLUX Ipari és Kereskedelmi Kft. (Műszaki kerámia termékek gyártása - Technical ceramic products manufacturing)

Manufacturing of technical ceramic components, by low-pressure injection moulding and dry pressing

Satisfying special, individual needs against the cheap mass products

Unique, precise shapes, with low tolerance

Ongoing research and development

High standard quality materials for all demands


The Cerlux ltd is a Hungarian-American joint venture which has been established in 1990 with the purpose to satisfy the increased industrial demand for the technical ceramics. In the success of the company the involvement of the foreign fund, the secured market background and the specialized knowledge accumulated in the region since 1976 and the experts who held it are important. These 4 main facts make the company stable. Thanks to the +50% ground expansion, the factory lays on 2700 m2. Production goes in 22 furnaces, in 8 shop-floors with 150 people. Numbers are increasing every year parallel with the development of the company.

Our engineers use modern, three-dimensional softwares for the design, and with the appropriate technical background as well as with the many years of their experience they control the full process in order to meet reliably the most demanding customers’ needs. All the toolings required for the production are self-designed and 90% of them are self- produced. The adequacy of the strict technical requirements is supported by precision milling and EDM machines. These ones can guarantee the quality tooling, which there is no high quality product without. All the self made toolings are systematized registered and they are available even after years in case of a client’s need.

The quality control and the material analysis is continuous in our laboratory. R&D and test firing of the materials are also done here. This is necessary to satisfy the renewable customer demands. In order to ensure the extremely important accuracy, we can measure even the ten-thousandth of the gram thus providing the precise ratio of test compounds.

In 1999, we introduced the ISO 9001 quality management and in 2011 the ISO 14001 environmental management system. Moving along this way, and as the result of the SPC statistical process control and the several customer audits the company raised to the level that the 70 % of the current revenues comes from dominant, foreign, mostly European and North-American companies. These are the customers, who are against the cheap mass production and prefer the specific individual professional parts. This is the major strength of our company.

Quality and environmental policy

Quality of products of CERLUX Ltd. as well as technical ceramics, insulators, lamp parts and thread guides is basically determined by customers’ needs so the high- level management aims with all its acts as a result of the operation to provide personal and objective conditions to be at a level, which could serve as an appropriate background to fulfill our customers’, the owners’ and our employees’ expectations. Intentions would come true by running the integrated management system including quality management system and environmental management system, which guarantees the ongoing development of our operation and technology, and our contribution to maintainance of a bearable environment.

The integrated management system contains all the parts of the company’s activity on its scope, and determines both the managers’ and the employees’ action. The standard quality of our products  matching the users’ needs and reduction of damage caused by our environment are achieved by the means of  ongoing control of production and material used, and the strict compliance with aims and technological parametres.

For the sake of improvement of the existing and new technologies and new type of products, as well as acquisition and establishment of LEAN method and approach, we lay stress on the ongoing progress of humane resources by the means of training collegaues. While training we emphasize acknowledgement of results arising from activities done not as specified. Reinforcement of our collegaues is considered to be of high priority so that our aim at employing workers committed to qualitative and environmentally conscious work should be ensured and continuous.

With the help of measuring production process and the required features of our material and products, as well as evaluation of data, we provide you with compliance with technical parameters of our end-products.

Our operation goes on according to the all-time law of orders and is regulated based on compliance with primary conditions relating to environment.

To provide the privies’ satisfaction is achieved by fulfilling technical requirements for the product, which is also assisted by the ongoing development of our active integrated management system. As for making a choice of material used, planning and improving our operational procedures and new products, we also apply the life cycle approach, and if there is a chance of it, we make attempts to affect the previous and following phases of our products’ life cycle in a positive way.

Originating in our philosophy, we are tending to be in accordance with our existing and new customers’ special needs, which raises our company from other members of the market in the future too.